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Experts Express Ways For Losing Weight Without the Insane Diet – Saloni Fitness Corner – Part 1

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

“Changing gradually is more effective because it gives the psyche the space it needs to adjust to any changes we initiate. Also, the real magic is that when we make even just one very small, subtle lifestyle change, we initiate a chain reaction within the psyche whereby other desired changes begin to automatically occur.”

Clinical Psychologist Ben G. Adams, the author of “The Creative Process Diet”

Treat Your Feet Right:

“Get checked to ensure you have the correct support, since the feet are the most important part of the body’s alignment.”

-Celebrity Trainer Teddy Bass


Opt for Organized Exercise:

“Add a class to your weekly regimen so you have more motivated people around.”

-Celebrity Trainer Teddy Bass

Get a Goal:

“Goals set equals desires reached, Make a workout plan so you don’t waste time.”

-Celebrity Trainer Teddy Bass

Document It:

“keeping track of a lifestyle change is very powerful because it ritualizes our behavior and helps us to really metabolize the fact that we have deliberately initiated the subtle process of self-transformation, Also, it gives us that all-important sense of accomplishment, which inspires the psyche to keep going and to continue to transform itself from within.”

-Clinical Psychologist Ben G. Adams, the author of “The Creative Process Diet”

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