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Experts Express Ways For Losing Weight Without the Insane Diet – Saloni Fitness Corner – Part 3

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Get Up and Out:

“It’s an extra workout on top of your regular workout, an extra 200-calorie workout is important for the little push for weight loss. Do it everyday and that’s 1,400 extra calories [per week]. should your day get away from you and your regular workout plan gets shoved, at least you still got your Rev Up in!”

-Personal trainer Cassie Piasecki

Drink More Water:

“Water is essential for your body and helps flush out waste, aim for at least eight 8 oz glasses a day, more if you’re active and working out.”

-ISSA Trainer and ReebokONE Ambassador Elspeth Dana

Ditch the Negative Self Talk:

“Work out and be healthy because you love your body, not because you hate it, When you love and appreciate your body, that’s when you truly shine.”

-ISSA Trainer and ReebokONE Ambassador Elspeth Dana

Fire the Maid:

“Sweep your driveway, patio, or floors everyday, this will stimulate the muscles of your entire body and will also promote back strength, core stability, and good posture. By standing up and moving just that little bit after a meal, it helps with the digestion of your food. It also allows the body to use the energy you get from the food you’ve just eaten.”

-Lifestyle coach Tafiq Akhir

 Skip the Drive-Thru:

“Walk into your bank or pharmacy to increase blood flow and muscle tone in your legs, standing in line, with good posture, can also help increase lower back strength.”

-Lifestyle coach Tafiq Akhir

Start With a Stretch:

“This will help bring your entire body to life. You will loosen up stiff muscles and joints, increase blood flow, and stimulate brain function.”

-Lifestyle coach Tafiq Akhir

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