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Fruits with the Highest and Lowest Sugar Counts

Posted by Health&Beauty Expert on

Logically stirring sugar is certainly better for some people and at the same time health conscious people also make sure the amount of sugar they intake. Here is the list from our experts’ studies of five fruits with high sugar and five with low ones.

High Sugar: Lychees:Lychees have 29 grams of sugar per cup. This healthy fruit with exotic packs of sugar also provides you 136 milligrams of calcium. Whereas the daily recommended intake is 75 milligrams.

Low Sugar: Avocados:Avocados only has about one gram of sugar. This mysterious yet suckled fruit has tons of healthy fats to keep you healthy and fit.

High Sugar: Figs:Only one cup of raw figs has 27 grams of sugar. This great fruit is also full of with fiber and potassium providing body a healthy combination of self-motivated strong thrust.

Low Sugar: Cranberries:Cranberries’ one cup provides four grams of sugar. People who are more conscious about their health especially when it comes to consuming sugar, need to use cranberries more to remain fit and strong.

High Sugar: Mango:A great summer fruit, mango is high in sugar. A cup of mango contains 23 grams of sugar providing you over a third of your daily vitamin A quota.

Low Sugar: Raspberries:With five grams of sugar per cup but raspberries have more fiber than other berries.

High Sugar: Cherries:Cherries have 18 grams of sugar per cup. Cherries are wonderful for human body especially considered best for a good night’s sleep.

Low Sugar: Blackberries:Blackberries have seven grams of sugar per cup. It’s a great food for diet conscious people. The high amount of fiber and calcium helps you stay fit and strong.

High Sugar: Grapes:Grapes have 15 grams of sugar per cup. Grapes are also rich in antioxidants as well giving your metabolism more power to adjust food more sagely.

Low Sugar: Strawberries:Raw strawberries have seven grams of sugar. With quite low sugar count, strawberries have 85 milligrams of vitamin C.

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