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Get to Know Some Useful and Easy Tips To Treat Your Child's Dry Skin At Home

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Kids have super soft and sensitive skin therefore it needs proper care all the time. Below we have tried to provide you with some relevant and important information regarding kids sensitive skin, skin dryness symptoms, causes and some homemade remedies that will certainly help you preventing dry skin conditions in children.

Symptoms Of Dry Skin In Children:

  • Rough and flaking skin
  • White or grayish patch on dark skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Cracked skin
  • Itchy and scaly

Causes Of Dry Skin In Children:

  • Winter Weather
  • Steamy Showers
  • Low humidity
  • Moisture-Robbing Soaps
  • The Rub-Down
  • Losing Shower Moisture

4 Essential Home Remedies For Dry Skin In Children:

Limiting Kid’s bath to 10 Minutes:

Too much bath or long bath routines could dry your child’s skin. So try to limit it like 10 to 12 minutes.

Hot Water; Not Good:

Always try to use warm water. Hot water further dries your child’s skin.

Soap Usage:

Some skin experts also suggest that do not use soap every-time you give bath to your kid as soap often contains chemicals and these chemicals also

A Good Moisturizer:

Always try to choose an alcoholic free based moisturizer. It is considered more effective and contain less side effects.

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