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Healthy Living and Calorie Power

Posted by beautytipsbank on

Our common people, no matter how highly educated are still unaware of the importance of good diet, calorie and other nutrients in our body.

You read articles about food with low calories, low Cholesterol and Sugar etc, without being aware of the fact that all the food nutrients are important for our body but in a balanced way. They are certainly not absolutely bad.

It is for this reason that I want you to go through this article carefully and know the first thing what is healthy living and the importance of calorie in our body?

The first thing I would like to say is that eat food to live an healthy, productive life for this it is important that you gave a proper menu and time table set for having on proper and balanced intake of food, without any inadequate gap, that might interfere the supply of heat and energy to your body due to which the blood supply to brain and different body parts will be inadequate and so you will be inadequate and so you will feel fatigued and even disgusted to perform daily routine of life.

For this purpose, it is essential that when you get up in the morning, then never go to work with an empty stomach, as in such a situation the juices in your stomach will start their activity on the stomach mucosa and after sometime you will have the problem of acidity that leads to peptic ulcer formation.

It is also essential for people doing dieting not to fast but keep having food in a nutritionally balanced amount. That usually includes some fruit like grape fruit, a slice of brown bread, a hardboiled egg and a cup of tea or coffee.

This will keep you fresh with an healthy mind and happy mood with a dynamism to perform your daily work perfectly.

Then at lunch time have a nice balanced meal so that the supply of chemical energy to your body via food continues and the chemicals and energy balance of your blood remain normal and healthy leading you to a life full of energy dynamism and lively attitude! What I mean is that the food fuel will keep providing lubrication to your body’s activities and growth for the rest of the day along with the repair of worn out tissues of your body and their maintenance to provide energy.

Now this energy value of food is measured in heat units called “Calories”.

So we can say that a calorie is a unit of measurement of energy. It is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1° Celsius (i.e. from 14.5° Celsius to 15.5° Celsius) the new unit of energy which has been accepted by the international union of sciences and the international union of nutritional science is “Joule” one calorie is equal to 4.184 Joule. (Symbol is “J”) It is essential for you to have this knowledge of calorie so as to keep yourself and your family on a proper calorie diet.

Because this is a fact that calorie along with all these nutrients as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre must be supplied in a balanced amount to our body. An unbalanced intake that is deficiency or excess of any of these nutrients and specially energy can impair health.

Presently the energy provided by food is measured by the unit “kilo calorie” which is equal to 1000. However this kilo Calories is referred to as calorie (cal).

What Calories Do?

In Pakistan it is commonly said that we should have a low calorie diet! But do you know what calories do in food supplied to your body. I am sure that if you know this then your statement about calories in our bodies will be much practical and balanced beside providing energy to our body also perform all the essential functions of the body that we require for our survival as to breathe, to pump blood for all kind of physical activities, as walking running sitting and working calories are also required when we are sleeping. They are also involved in the digestion of food and then the utilization of the available calories from that food to our body, they even maintain our body temperature.

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