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How Long Should You Keep Makeup?

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Question:I never throw makeup out. How bad is that?

Answer:Makeup products usually don’t have expiry dates. But they still carry comprised expiration dates. Here’s a general guide. Beauty cosmetics have a considerable shelf lives. It depends that what type of any particular chemical is used to create any specific substance and for what purpose.


Mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replace after 3 to 4 months. But if any bacteria gets into the tube, it can cause problems for the skin. The chemicals and other substances in these types of cosmetics have the tendency to attract moisture from the environment while these products have also the shortest shelf life as well.


A good liquid foundation can last up-to a year. However if someone has extra sensitive skin, she must use any liquid foundation with great care. Heat may cause problems for liquid foundations while always try to use a brush or sponge instead of dipping finger into it.


Lip gloss has also tendency to attract bacteria. However, if you use any lip gloss within six months, it has less chances to go corrupt with other environment concerns.


Powder based cosmetics may last up-to 18 to 20 months. Sometimes even for two years, because if any of your powder based products turn into any other color than to its original, you can use that very product until you feel any sever irritation or skin rash.


Lipsticks usually last up-to one year. But experts say that if you stock lipstick in the fridge, it will last longer.


Eye shadow has long shelf live. It may last up-to three years. There are different substances which create eye shadow more attractive and visible. Also keep store eye shadow in a cool clean place to get long lasting beautiful effect.


Nail polish may last up-to 12 months. The quality of nail polish also depends on its shelf live. I liquid substance always need a cool and clean storage place for more operative shelf live.

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