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How to Apply Subtle Day/Night Makeup

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Makeup is staple for party and wedding for getting a beautiful look. Many of us do mistakes while doing makeup and it results a cracked makeup. Read this article and learn how you can do perfect day and night makeup. There is not mush difference in day and night makeup, you just need to avoid using some shades in day time.

Things to Avoid in Day Makeup

Avoid using dark shades and glitter in day time.

Prefer to use eye pencil in day time rather to use liquid liner.

Apply light foundation layer and light eye shaded in day makeup.

Clean your Face

Before starting makeup you need to clean your face with good cleansing milk then rest skin for 5 minutes. I prefer to useNivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Apply Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer on your face, but if you have oily skin then rub ice cube on face for five minutes in summer season. I usually use Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert in summer season and in winter I useFair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream.

Use Concealer

Pick up a concealer and apply it on all noticeable areas like acne, spot and any other type of blemish. Concealer helps to hide blemishes and give a neat look to face. I will suggest you to useL'oreal Paris Lumi Magique Concealer, it gives skin a perfect look.

Contour your Face

If you want to contour your face then readthisarticle for your help.

Apply Foundation

In a day time so you need a light layer of foundation on your face and for night makeup you need a thick but natural foundation. If you are using pan cake then wet a sponge, rub it on pan cake and apply foundation on your face and blend gently to get a even look. I will recommend you to use Christine Oil Free Pan Cakebecause I personally use it.

If you prefer to use liquid foundation then apply it on all over your face in dot with help of your finger tips. Now blend it with finger tips that it cover all your face and give it a flawless look. For liquid foundation go withL'oreal Paris Lumi Magique FoundationorRivaj UK Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

In case of using foundation stick dot stick on face and blend with wet sponge.Christine Professional Paint Stickhas a very natural looking result.

After apply foundation rest your skin for 5 minutes to completely dry it before moving to next step.

All you need is to use a foundation that match with your skin.

Pick up Face Powder/loose Powder

When you have finished the application of foundation on your face then take your face powder/loose powder, dip the edge of large brush or powder puff on powder. Apply strokes all over your face and balance your makeup.Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in Multi Shadesis the best one.

Apply Blush

Now its time to select the right blush for your skin. Every body has a different skin tone that needs a different shade of blush. However pink, peach and bronze go best. Apply blush on brush and lightly stroke on apples of your cheek. If your face has a wide look then stroke brush from apples of cheek towards your hair line and if you have a thin face look then stroke on apples of your cheeks in circular motions. Blend it nicely for a perfect look.

For day makeup use light shade and for night use dark shade. For a complete guide of how to apply blush on go to read articleHow to Select and Apply Blush On

Eye Makeup

Now its time to shine with eye makeup. In day time you need to apply light eye shades for a perfect and soft look. First apply eye base on eye lid, blend gently then take eye shade brush, pat it gently into eye shadow and apply on your eyes. First apply one shade then go for other shade. Blend each shade nicely so it gives a flawless look to your eyes. Don’t use more then three shades.

Apply Eye Liner

Take an eye liner and start drawing from your inner corner and extend to the end your eye crease. In same way you can apply liner with the lash line. I will suggest you to select eye liner from wide range ofChristine Eystyle Water Proof Liner.

Apply Mascara

Look upwards and start from the base of lashes and comb the mascara wand through using a zig-zag motion. Apply two layers of mascara; go for second layer while the first layer is wet.

Apply Lip Stick

Now it’s the final touch of your makeup. Apply lip balm on your lips then apply lip stick with help of lip brush by giving a fine look to your lips. For day time makeup use soft colors like pink, light brown and for night time makeup go with dark shades like red and purple. After lip stick apply a thin layer of lip gloss. Go to select delicateLip Sticksshades.

Your makeup is finished.

If you visit the market you will find huge collection of makeup there and same collection you can find on

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