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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Cleaning your makeup brushes after a while is no doubt a very good idea. These brushes, practically collect dirt and oil from the moisture. Along with oil and dirt, sometimes, makeup brushes also collect bacteria which could cause rationally skin breakouts and aggravate skin.

How often should you clean your makeup brushes? 

Think as makeup brushes are an investment. You are applying it daily on your face while it should be cared properly as well. Cleaning makeup brushes is also a good idea as it will last long and you can avoid odds of receiving skin irritation especially skin breakouts.

Baby shampoo is a good back-up:

According to celebrity makeup artist and brow guru, Ramy Gafni, “You do not want the brushes standing upright as they dry or water may run down and loosen the adhesive that holds the brush feral in place, causing the handles to come off.”

Using a baby shampoo in order to clean your makeup brushes is also a good idea. If you don’t have a old-fashioned brush cleanser, baby shampoo could be used a good backup.

Give your brushes some extra TLC:

Wiping down your makeup brush handles with sight amount of alcohol will ensure deep cleansing. “For a deep cleanse, I pour alcohol in a shallow bowl and swish brushes back and forth,” says Mehron makeup artist Margi Tobey.

Tobey further says, “Remember it’s always important to use lukewarm water.  Hot water can damage the bristles. Don’t let the water hit above the shaft or metal part because the glue can loosen and brush can fall apart. Begin by wetting the brush in lukewarm water, wet the soap, swoosh around in the jar and rinse.  I like to rinse the brush while swirling in the palm of my hand till clean.”

In a pinch, use rubbing alcohol:

Celebrity makeup artist and brow guru Ramy Gafni says, “I spray it on the bristles or onto paper towels and run the brushes back and forth on the towel and/or really wipe down the bristles with the alcohol soaked towel. I like that the alcohol also kills germs and bacteria.”

Time matters: 

Beauty experts rightly say that don’t put or soak your makeup brushes too long in the water. It could cause shedding of the brush hair. “That is not a good idea because you allow the water to go into the glue that holds the hairs and loosen it resulting in shedding of the brush hairs,” says Wafaa Debs, a Beauty Concierge in New York.

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