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How to Control Hair Fall Problem Naturally?

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Hair fall can be very embarrassing and you sometime you are helpless as well to do anything to overcome it. There could be numerous reasons for it. You may also try lots of products to get over this issue but chemical products usually do more harm than cure. On the contrary, natural products are more helpful for one as compare to the chemical products. The best natural products which would be very helpful to control the hair fall are:



Coconut is rich nourishing ingredient for your hair. Similarly coconut milk is also very beneficial for your hair. According to experts, massaging the coco milk on your head will help to reduce the hair fall problem up to 80 percent.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is very necessary for body and skin. Applying aloe vera gel on your scalp will help to maintain the PH level of your scalp. Thus it will help you to fight back the lingering hair loss problem. Massage aloe gel on your head and then leave it for few hours. After few hours wash it with warm water and you will find the difference in first wash. Trying this twice a week would be very significant in controlling hair fall.

Oil Massage

Oil Massage:

Oil Massage is another useful and easy way to control hair fall. 30 minutes before taking bath, you should have a quick massage of hot oil. It will help to stimulate the blood flow and enhance your hair growth naturally. It is also very good way to get rid of dandruff as well. Oil massage every time before taking bath could be very effective for you.

Amla and Shikakai

Amla and Shikakai:

Amla and Shikakai are two very useful ingredients for the hair growth. In combine both help to maintain the shine of your hair, make them stronger thicker and beautiful. You can make a powder of amla and shikakai and then use it as shampoo.



Yogurt is also considered a good conditioner for hair. It will make hair thicker, longer, stronger. Mix an egg in yogurt and apply this mixture on your head. Leave it for one hour and then rinse with fresh water. It will make your hair smoother and softer.

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