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How to Cover and Control Oily Skin

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Covering and controlling oily skin is certainly considered blessing in disguise. According to beauty experts and especially dermatologists say that oily skin is more prone to acne than normal or dry skin so in order to decrease skin oil, we have listed down some useful tips for our readers.

Choosing a Sensible Wash:

A good face cleanser makes sure that you do not have remains of dirt or components which incite acne or blemish. Use a facial cleanser that contains glycolic acid, tea tree oil or witch hazel, or all these three elements.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! 

Moisturizing is another important part to decrease and control skin oil especially facial oil. Try to use cosmetics with anti-shine and oil-free formulas to protect skin from oiliness.

Apply a Face Mask 1-3 Times a Week: 

Applying a facial mask at-least once a week is very essential for your skin. It will help curing your oily skin and makes it more striking and elegant. Aztec clay mask is also considered particularly well for oily skin for long term results.

Carrying around Blotting Tissues:

To blot out shine on the go, use blotting tissues with you. One example of blotting tissue is tea tree blotting tissues.

Masks containing Aztec Clay: 

Try to use masks that contain Aztec clay. This unique substance has great oil soaking up abilities as well as the excess sebum on face.

Ditch the Greasy Foods:

Avoid greasy foods such as fries, fatty burgers and other junk foods. Junk food is most dangerous for you as it could trigger acne.

Don't Powder: 

Don’t use foundation too much. Generally foundations have oil ingredients giving you more trouble to control facial oil.

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