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How To Do Skin or Face Polish at Home

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Skin polish is one of the famous face treatment procedures done all over the world. One of the key features of skin polish is, there are no side effects of it and it lighters the skin tone and also glow the face. The purpose of skin polish is to remove dead cells from skin, clear it from wrinkles, scars, and dark circles and nourish the skin in a fresh tone. If we look back there was the time when only makeup experts did skin polish, but now with the advancement of cosmetics you can do skin polish at home easily.

I personally find skin polish easy then the facial. I do it easily at home once a month and with out any doubt get a glowing and fresh skin. You too keep all skin polish products at home and now it is more easy to busy the products because you can ebuy them easily. Recently I got ebuy delivery fromherein a very convenient way.

Skin Polish Products Available in Market

Super Alpha Face/Skin Polish Kit

Soft Touch

What you Need for Skin Polish

Head band


Cleansing milk

Double action cream

Skin polish

Face shiner


Soothing lotion

Rose water

Almond oil

Vitamin E capsule


Peel off mask or mud mask

A bowl of water


Tie Your Hair

Before starting the procedure you need to tie up your hair with band for avoiding hair to come on the way while you are doing the procedure.

Clean your Face

Apply generous amount ofcleansing milkon your face and neck with your fingertips. Massage in circular motion around 5 minutes then clean milk with a sponge.

Double Action Cream

Applydouble action creamon face and neck and massage for 12-15 minutes. After massage leave it on skin for 3 minutes then remove with clean damp sponge.

After removing rest your skin for 5 minutes before moving to next step.

Prepare Skin Polish

In the meanwhile prepare your skin polish mixture.

You need

Skin polish lotion 1 tbsp

Face shiner 1 tbsp

Developer 2 tbsp

Soothing lotion1 tbsp

Rose water 2-3 drops

Almond oil 2 drops

Mix them in a clean bowl. Start applying skin polish from neck and go towards your face. Don’t apply on eyelashes, eyebrows and on your eyelids. Leave it on skin for 20 minutes then massage with water for 2 minutes and clean it with wet sponge.

For buying skin or face shiner I will suggest going withDay Lily Skin ShinerorHB-11 Whitening Skin Shiner. These both products have the best result.

Massage with Vitamin E Capsule

Now after 2 minutes rest massage vitamin E capsule on your skin. It helps to make skin healthy and fresh.

Scrub your Face

Next step is to apply scrub on your face and massage for 3-4 minutes then wipe off with clean damp sponge.

Apply Mask

Now its time to apply mask on your face. Leave mask for 15 minutes and then clean it.

Apply Rose Water

Your skin polish is done; at the end apply rose water on your face.

Note: avoid going in front of stove after polishing your skin around 2-4 hours.

There are many skin polish products available in the market. You can buy them at home by visiting famous products are listed below

HB-11 Whitening Facial and Skin Polish 30 Grams

Garnier Fructis Skin Polish 150 Grams

Lubi Skin Polisher

Veneezia Soothing Lotion

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