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How to Get Super Pouty Lips

Posted by beautytipsbank on

Pouty lips are a latest trend in fashion industry. Pouty lips look sexy and beautiful. Having a hard time trying to achieve sexy super pouty lips? Here are a few steps in order to achieve this look.

The Perfect Pouty Toolkit

It is important that you have right tools in your beauty stash to help your lips stay perfect pouty look. So make sure you have these tools in your beauty kit. Lip balm, lip primer, simple foundation, lip pencil, lipstick, lipstick brush, lip gloss and concealer.

Prepare the Base

First of all you need to make a clear base for your lips just like you use foundation on whole face for getting an even look. Same will goes with the lips. Apply lip balm on your lips before starting any makeup on your face so that your lips will be moist and soft. Leave lip balm on your lips till you complete your rest of face makeup then clean lip balm with a wet cotton ball, this is recommended to use rose water. I useStarry Fruit Lip Balm, but you can use whatever good quality lip balm you like.

Lip Primer

After clearing lip balm its time to apply lip primer. Apply a thin layer of lip primer on your lips. There are different kinds of lip primer available in the market, select your favorite brand. If you don’t want to use lip primer then simply skip this step or use a good moisturizer.

Lip Foundation

The point of this step is to balance the color and texture of your lips, and create a smooth base so that your lips get a perfect stick color. You do not need to buy lip foundation because they are not much different than the face foundation. I useRivaj UK Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Light Beige, you can also use your face foundation. Apply an even layer of foundation on your lips.

Lip Pencil

Applying a perfect lip pencil is little tricky when your want pouty lips. Pouty lips are full lips so for getting the purpose of pouty lips this is essential to fill up the lips. Some people have pouty lips and it is easy for them to get the look, but the other who don’t have they can get a pouty look by applying lip pencil. For soft and elegant look use pink or peach shade lip pencil to define your lips or for dark look go for black and purple. Map the lip pencil according to your natural lip line. If you have narrow lips then apply lip pencil just out side of your natural lip line but not too much far.

First make outline of your top lip with light strokes. Instead of over-emphasizing the cupids bow try to make the lines more of a straight line or slightly curved line rather than a strict ‘V’ shape. After that come to your bottom lip, now you need to over-emphasize your natural lip line, but do this only center of lip.

Lip Stick

After giving a perfect outline to your lips it time to fill the lips. Apply lip stick with the help of lip brush. You will want to use a darker lipstick than lip gloss, or use a clear lip gloss if you are going for a nude lip, or even a slightly lighter nude or pink gloss. Avoid using glittery glosses. It is also recommended to use matte finished lipstick because it works best for this look.

Lip Gloss

Now finalize your pouty lips look. Apply lip gloss nicely on your lips but do not apply on all over the lips, just cover the center of the lip on both the top and bottom.


The last step for pouting look is to hide the make up fault. If you are not good in makeup then must do this step. Critically evaluate your look then use concealer with a small brush to clean up your lip line ever so lightly which also helps to keep your lips looking fresh and crisp.

Look your super pouty lips in mirror and smile!

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