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How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Posted by beautytipsbank on

I don’t know about you ladies how you make your nail polish stay longer. Last month when I started my own manicures, the biggest issue I faced about nail polish stay on nails. I did some research to tackle this issue and on my way of research I found some really good tips. So I am thinking to share my tips with you guys that will help you to stay nail paint last long and delay their chipping.

Remove Old Nail Polish, Oil and Dirt

Before applying new shade of nail polish you need to remove all traces of old nail polish.

If you do not wear any nail polish then you also need to clean your nails from dirt and oil. It is advised to dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and clean surface of nails. This action will ensure that products such as existing nail polish, cream, lotion and oils have been removed from the nails.

Apply Base Coat

Some people say base coat is not necessary and they skip it, but I will recommend you don’t skip base coat because base coat makes it sure to stick nail polish last longer on nails. The other advantage of applying base coat is, it will also prevent yellowness of nails.

Nail Polish Coat

When we go in salon, they have done nail polish with two coats and one top coat. This is not good idea because too thick nail polish can tend to peel off. Instead the tip I found it really works well and makes nail paint to stay longer. Go for 3-4 thinner strokes instead of wearing two thick coats. Thin coating will cut down your drying time and also fix your bubble issue, many of us face that.

Time Between Applying Coat

Many of us ignore how much time need in applying the second coat of nail polish and we do a mistake and apply the second coat even when the paint is wet. For this I will suggest you by the time you get from the first finger on one hand to the last finger on the other hand, giving enough drying time is good then you go back to the first fingernail and start applying another coat.

Select Shimmering Colors

All ladies know the hardest nail paint to remove is anything that shimmers and sparkles, so go for selection of such nail paint to make it stay longer. I just love Medora379 No,394 Noand Swiss Miss925 No. All these are perfect shades to add glance in your nails beauty. But if you don’t like shimmer nail paint then go for others.

Stroke in One Direction

Always stroke nail paint in one direction. Never back and forth because alternate directions weaken nail polish and peel off it quickly.

Apply Top Coat

In order to delay chipping, I will recommend you must apply a top transparent coat over your nails paint. I always useMedora altra shine top coatfor a glamorous end. Top coat will not only give a protection to your nail paint, but also impart a gloss.

Dry Completely

Give a proper drying time to your nails. If you follow all above tips and ignore this step, it means you ruin all of your hard work. Stay in front of TV and watch your favorite program, by the end of program your nails are dried completely.

Dip in Cold Water

For giving your nail polish a good long time, I will suggest you dip your nails in cold water. The cold solidifies the nail polish.

Moisturize Hands

Now at the end apply some lotion on your hands. Moisturizer will get your nails slippery and scratch proof until they are completely set.

After following the above tips you will notice a difference between nail polish staying time now and in the past.

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