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How to Relieve Back Pain through Reflexology

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Reflexology is tremendously useful for any kind of back pain. Of any kind of its origin, the reflexology therapy is truly amazing. The amount of pressure on right areas of the feet or of the hands is the key in reflexology. People suffer from back pain issues and it is now considered a worldwide problem.

However with the advancement of knowledge, this complaint that can be relieved using reflexology therapy. Sometimes your back is not specified and even specialists face trouble to determine whether this pain is due to some injury or something else causing back pain. Nevertheless whether or not your back pain is sporadic or continuing, there are reflexology methods for better long-term relief.

A Step By Step Guide to Release Back Painthrough Reflexology

Applying Right Amount of Pressure:

Applying right amount of pressure on the soles of feet is the first step to start reflexology. The inner edge of each foot and around your ankle areas, glides hands smoothly and put slight pressure. The sudden sharpness could arise as reflex points of our spine areas area also located here.

Directing Attention to Cervical Spine:

Directing attention to cervical spine would follow the line and edge of the foot. The reflex points which are on sole of the foot, would feel an abrupt calmness. Now upkeep your right foot using your thumb and put some pressure on it. This will create a compression on cervical spine automatically.

Put Pressure through Thumb into the Skin:

Putting pressure through thumb firmly into the skin and around ankle areas. Make sure to press every reflex spot so it could lead a nerve flow towards end.

Sciatic Nerve and its Importance:

The sciatic nerve, which is found behind ankle bone, has a distinctive importance to intensify pain down the leg side. When this nerve is compressed, you will feel an impulsive ache. Though this sharp pain is triggered by a number of factors, but putting slight and delicate pressure on this nerve slows down pain in other areas especially back pain.

Taking Care of Upper Back Pain by Apply Reflexology:

Upper back pain also causes great trouble but reflexology therapy has great results to reduce it to very diminishing level. Putting insignificant pressure on shoulders with both hands certainly reduces upper back pain with no time. Because this area is bony and sensitive, don’t put too much pressure on shoulders and on its reflex tops.

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