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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum

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Original Formula Hair Serumis an acceptable formula intended to sparkle and smooth crimped hair. It is outstanding mixes of silicone quickly smooth the compositions while conveying a layer of completely clear-sparkle for flawlessly cleaned, frizz-safe styles. Implanted with silk protein, this equation is likewise incredible or fixing part closes.


In a right way and drastically it changes dry, fuzzy, or artificially-treated hair into fantastically smooth, reflexive hair. It likewise blocks UV beams. It repulses moistness to help avert climate-related frizz & delays the life of color-treated hair.


The everyday utilization of this product aides avert future frizz. I've used this serum for a considerable length of time. It leaves my hair delicate thus glossy and the wavy hairs have got straight with the persistent use of this. Somehow it never makes my hair look oily, simply lustrous.

Comparison with Others Serum

In the journey for straight hair I've attempted numerous serums and de-frizzing executors and dependably return to this. This blocks frizz throughout the day and it gives my hairs plush and glossy appearance. The Serum immediately and significantly changes dry, fuzzy, or artificially-treated hair into extraordinarily smoother, glossier, stronger hair. Ensures and drags out the life of color treated hair. Frizz-Ease Original Serum additionally repulses stickiness to help forestall climate-related frizz. It likewise holds sunscreen which ensures my hairs from unsafe beams.


After doing shampooing and conditioning on my hairs, I need to apply the product on drenching wet hair. Recognizing I then need to towel dry my hair, I have a thinking that I'm toweling off the item also. At last, I towel dried my hair, and after this I simply pump a little measure of this serum into my hand then I use to rub hands together and work through hair for applying the serum.

Staying Power and Sun Protection

This serum is exceptionally intended for the individuals like us who are aware about the sun beam impacts on our skin and hairs. I profoundly propose this product on the off chance that you have fine wavy hair and in the event that you are cognizant about the Ultraviolet beams that you need to straighten or simply unwind the twist a bit.

Benefits and Difference From Other Brands

My commonly-wavy hair has dependably been inclined to frizz and friction based electricity. I took after the headings and used some of this item. It has unquestionably helped on both tallies. It's not completely impeccable; in any case I have some frizz and some friction based electricity, however it’s a positive change. In all honesty it’s more costly than other hair serums yet it’s worth the trouble by a mile. In the wake of attempting this I'm going to look at their different items. This is an okay item. I've attempted different items however they don't contrast with this. An alternate in addition to be that it is enduring, since you utilize so little item at once. It relaxes the curls in my hairs.

Key Features

The principle characteristic of this is that it quickly and drastically converts dry, bunched up, or synthetically-treated hair into delicate and velvety hairs. It likewise secures and draws out the life of shade treated hairs. It gives us the consummately cleaned and frizz-safety styles. It repulses stickiness and gives delicate hairs and it likewise secures from the sun beams.


Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Ethylhexylmethoxycinnamate, Mineral Oil, Hydrolyzed Silk, Fragrance.

Ideal for Skin Type

It is suitable for dry hairs, split ends, harmed hairs from hotness, for medium wavy hairs and it is additionally for dry frizz- inclined hairs.

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