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Know What Beauty Experts Say To Keep Up Your Beauty Standards (Part 4)

Posted by Saloni Editorial Head (Umair Hassan) on

Get to know about some important grooming wisdom from some of the top beauty experts.

Cold Foil Trick:

"Put aluminum foil in the freezer. Once chilled, apply cold sheets of foil to your face. The cold foil will reduce puffiness and tighten pores."

—Ramy Gafni, makeup artist, brow guru and founder of RAMY Beauty Therapy Cosmetics

Mixing Little Translucent in Concealer:

"You can make your own concealer in a pinch by mixing a bit of translucent powder into liquid foundation to thicken it. This also works well if you do not like heavy concealer."

—Ricky Wilson, celebrity makeup artist, Dior Beauty

Facial Mask:

"If you have dry, sensitive or dull-looking skin, you can use raw honey as a facial mask. Raw, unpasteurized honey contains mild alpha hydroxy acids, such as gluconic acid, which can exfoliate, promote collagen renewal and increase elasticity. Not only does raw honey exfoliate, the natural sugar in it retains moisture. Slather raw honey all over your face as a mask and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry."

—Ashley Rebecca, makeup artist

Soft Colors:

"Eyebrows should start soft in color, become dark in the middle (arch) and then again become lighter at the end. Brows should not be the exact same color and strength through the entire brow. It’s good to use your choice of pencil or powder, and then go back with a lighter powder and sweep through on top. This will highlight the brow hair as your natural hair is highlighted by light."

—Jeffrey Tasker, makeup artist and Laura Mercier Global Artist

Grey Eye Shadow:

"Blondes should use a gray eye shadow to fill their brows."

—Gabriel Almodovar, celebrity makeup artist, Maybelline New York

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