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Look beautiful by wearing age appropriate make up

Posted by styleandstylee on

Make up has become an important part of every female life these days. Every female either teenage, women or old, like to put on make up to look commendable. The problem is many females are not aware of the make-up they should go for. The best answer for the question which make you should go for, is the one that look best on you. This article is to enlighten the females that in which make up they should wear to look beautiful.

Appropriate Age for make up:

As little girls we all sneak into Mummy's vanity drawer and gulch our faces with the lovely bounty of foundations, lipsticks, eye shades, and blushes. Little girls love makeup and as they start to mature, it becomes an important player in developing their full-fledged identities, but girls need to decide that at which age they should actually start doing make up. Girls must not start it till14, as make up at this age make girls look older than their real age. Every woman wants to look younger, then the girls which are actually young why should they spoil this charisma?

Make up for teenagers:We should apply make up in such a way that enhance our natural beauty. Teens must not rush towards dark colors because this the age at which you start wearing make-up so if you start wearing by dark or bold colors you will look odd. You must slowly moves towards dark colors.

Make up for early 20’s:This age is actually the most apt age at which you can try whatever you want. You can go for vibrant, bright and proactive colors. But keep in mind that dark shades are better for night functions and light colors are good for day light. This is the age at which your make up can be exciting, moody, or experimental.

Make up for late 20’s:This is the age at which you try to look a little sophisticated rather than funky. The thing that you need to care at this age is the texture. Go for the base which matches your complexion. Go for creamy liners to create a soft look. This is not the age at which you start thinking like olds. You can go for lively too according to your function and dress.

Make up for 30’s:30 is a mature age. At this age women have already develop a sense of makeup. They know what is best for them. At this age you don’t experiment rather you go for refining yourself. You should go for moisturizer before make-up because this is the age at which your skin might loss moisture. Be careful with eye make-up that it would not highlight fine lines around the eyes.

Make up for 40’s:This is the age when signs of aging start to appear so must use an anti-aging cream. Your foundation at this age should me light-reflecting or creamy. You must focus and find out that which area of face need to be softened up and which need to be defined. Stick to what suits you rather than going for any new color.

Make up for 50’s:Choose the product that keeps your skin hydrated and increase your vivacity.An expert says “Care for your skin with very gentle cleansers and rich moisturizers. You may find that with menopause your skin changes–it may become very dry or have oily patches that can lead to blemishes. Treat dry areas with a rich cream or facial oil.”

Make up for 60’s and beyond:Now doubt 60 is an old age but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear make-up. Go for make-up but go for the one which doesn’t break on your skin. For example at this age water proof liner break on your skin because of wrinkles so go for plain shades than for liners.

Hope all the ladies will find this article very helpful.

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