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Manuka Honey Benefits for Acne

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Manuka Honey- Why it’s Very Special for Acne and Acne Scars

For years, honey is considered to be a natural treatment for many ailments but recent studies also show great evidence that honey is also a great natural source to treat acne and acne scars. However, the best sort of honey for treating acne issues is manuka honey. Manuka honey is basically collected from bees that feed on tea tree bushes. This special honey contains a compound called methylglyoxal which is known to give relief from different kinds of infections.

Experts Overview:

Skincare expert and founder of Crystal Clear Skincare, Sharon Hilditch, MBE says, "Hydrogen peroxide is a great component of honey - it gives honey its antibiotic quality. However Manuka Honey has other properties that make it a great antibacterial agent such as Methylglyoxal (MG). This component is found in other honey but in lower percentages. So the higher the concentration of MG the stronger the antibiotic effect."

Manuka Honey Cure Acne in Different Ways:

Manuka honey provides relief in skin acne in two different ways. Eating honey is the old traditional way in which you get to empower your sensitive skin. The second method is using manuka honey as masks and honey bandages. In this way, you get great relief fighting against skin bacteria as well. Wearing manuka honey is also a great way to balance daily skin care with a comprehensive acne combat structure.

Getting Rid Of Acne:

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Cosmetic Dermatologist and founder of 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery, explains that it manuka honey differs from regular honey because it has, “a high concentration of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, [more] than other types of honey.” Manuka honey not only helps reduce acne and acne scars but it also provides a soothing softening effect. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank also explains this fact saying manuka honey has, “softening and calming quality. It is merely a 'band-aid' [for acne] that has more to do with a bacteria in the skin that can be internal. Using a more calming product [like honey], however, as part of your skincare regimen is beneficial to calm acne, but it is definitely not a solution or

cure.” Ni’Kita Wilson, YouBeauty’s Cosmetic Chemistry Expert, validates this notion and further says, “I would say that it should be applied topically so the honey can come in direct contact with the skin to have a better chance at soothing the inflammation associated with acne.”

How Manuka Honey Works on Acne and Acne Scars:

  • Manuka honey works as natural antibiotic and eliminates bacteria that causes acne and acne scars.
  • Manuka honey absorbs water relief hydrogen peroxide killing more bacteria.
  • Manuka honey stops the development of bacteria.
  • Manuka honey has anti-inflammatory properties that diminishes the soreness that is related with acne.

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