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More Fine Foundations for Acne Prone Skin – Saloni Top Product Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Acne is one of the biggest problems of every girl. Desperate girls consult different dermatologists and pay thousands of rupees to conceal the acne scars. However, when you are applying makeup the acne problem can become worse. Acne will cause deep inflammation to your skin and can really damage your skin cells. But without makeup it is hard to survive. Then you should apply the liquid foundations before doping makeup as this will help to reduce the damage by makeup. Some of the best foundations for acne prone skins are mention below:

Laura Mercier:

It is one of the finest brands of foundations that will help to make you look beautiful. It will take care all your acne issues and make you look stunning once again. It will also remove the acne scars and make your skin look smooth as silk providing more confidence than ever.


Avon is another brand for the ideal flawless beauty. This foundation will help to nourish your skin and restore the balance of your skin. It will also reduce the redness of your skin and reduce the skin damage.


Clinique foundation is very suitable liquid foundation for acne prone skin. This will help to clear your skin and shrink your pores. This foundation can help to provide complete nourishment and make your skin look nice.

Bobbi Brown:

Bobbi Brown is another brand that will strengthen skin muscles. It will also reduce the swelling of your pores, reduce the redness and protect your skin against the facial harm.

Cover FX:

Cover FX is the liquid base that can help to make your skin look more natural. It will be really helpful in concealing the acne marks. It will also help to nourish your skin cells and enhance the radiance of your skin by tightening your skin muscle. This will also help you to avoid the aging process.


Vichy foundation can also help to hide the ugly acne marks and it will enable you to have a flawless skin. Applying this foundation will provide full coverage to your skin that will help to maintain your color tone. It will also maintain the texture of your skin providing more stunning appearance.

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