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Natural Ways to Curl Your Hair – Saloni Beauty Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Hair trends change very quickly but curly hair never goes out of trend. Curls can give your hair a new style altogether. They can add volume to your hair and make them look healthier. Girls try different ways to curl their hair like using rollers, curlers or dryers but they also have to face the negative consequences as well. It can increase hair fall and can also make their hair dry. However, if you will try the natural ways to curl your hair then you will not have to face any damage done to your hair. Some of these natural ways are highlighted below:

Braid Method:

One of the easiest ways for curly hair is the braid method. If you want to have big curls then take big sections of your hair and make braids on it. Similarly for tight curls you need to make small braids. The only problem with this style is that you can’t wash your hair. If you wash it, you will lose your curls.

Making a Bun:

Making a bun high up can also help you to have curly hair. For this you just need to twist your hair, wrap them up and make them a bun. Let your hair in the same condition for whole night and then in morning open them. You will be surprise to see your lovely waves. Then you can use a hair spray to set your hair.

Rubber Bands:

Another easy way to curl your hair is through rubber bands. After taking shower divide your wet hair in different sections. Then tight them in a rubber band tightly. Let it dry or use blow dry if you are in hurry. Then you will see the magic as this way will help you to have such lovely curls that will make your hair look awesome.

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