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Prevent Makeup Meltdown in Summers

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Melting makeup in summers is a big problem From now on, each passing day will be warmer and with this extreme it will be difficult for makeup lovers to stay attractive with their stylish looks. However, Saloni experts have gathered some useful info from renowned beauty experts for their loyal readers explaining some tips on preventing makeup meltdown in summers. Lets read and say farewell to unappealing smears and streaks.

Preparing Skin

Preparing Skin:

“The sun can also cause your skin to feel dry and flaky. Remove dead skin with a granule exfoliator or use an enzyme-based one, I personally use one made of fruit acids because they are gentler on my skin.”

- Chanel and Bobbi Brown makeup artist Troy Edwards

Using Primer

Sephora's Jennie Carranza

Using Primer:

“A pro tip for extending the wear of your makeup and preventing it from melting in the summer heat is to be sure to always use a primer before applying any makeup, I love the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 because it’s a mineral-based, water-resistant formula that protects, neutralizes, de-shines and preps the skin for long wear makeup.”

- Sephora's Jennie Carranza

Is Foundation Necessary

Celebrity makeup artist Le’Aura Luciano

Is Foundation Necessary?

“Use a foundation with a mattifying formula and focus on the nose, forehead and chin where shine tends to develop the fastest,”

- Celebrity makeup artist Le’Aura Luciano

Oil Usage

Oil Usage:

"Rice papers are great to keep in your purse to blot oil and sweat from your face without having to pile on powder, If you require something a bit heavier, use a translucent powder.”

- Beauty expert Hilary Kennedy

Play Up with Eyes

Beauty expert Hilary Kennedy

Play Up with Eyes

“Makeup Forever has a greatelection of waterproof cosmetics in a variety of colors, But if using a regular liner or mascara, line the top lashes only. Lining under the eyes can lead to the dreaded raccoon look."

- Beauty expert Hilary Kennedy

Beautiful woman with rouge

Chanel and Bobbi Brown makeup artist Troy Edwards


"If you have a tan, using a pop of color on the cheeks can give you a healthy looking glow,”

- Chanel and Bobbi Brown makeup artist Troy Edwards

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