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Professionals Share their Top Beauty Advices

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Beauty surely is a distinctive characteristic of an individual that delivers a perceptual appearance either with pleasure or satisfaction. On a more factually and more customary way, experts define beauty as a part of discrete aesthetics and often called an entity which is well-liked, or holds features widely credited to splendor in a specific culture.

Considering beauty related attributions, we have gathered best tips from some of the renowned beauty experts for your inclination which they received from their grandmothers and conceivably you should ponder putting these tips in action yourself to get more perfect looks.

Play Up Your Scent:

“Be sure to put a little perfume behind your ears and on your wrists daily. Create a signature scent that will always leave people pleasantly remembering you—scent is our strongest sensory, so it’s only natural to play up yours! She also suggested to lather up daily with lotion to hydrate the skin from top to bottom to help keep the skin looking young.”

— Achelle Dunaway, creative director and professional makeup artist for e.l.f. Cosmetics


Never Underestimate the Power of Looking Good:

“Growing up in my grandmother’s beauty salon, I observed how a woman would come in to her salon feeling down and would leave glowing, both inside and out. I never underestimate how powerful looking good can positively affect a women’s self-esteem. She also taught me to wear lipstick daily. She was never much into eye makeup but, without fail, she always wore her red, pink, or coral on her lips.”

— Dallas-based celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau

Beer is Beautiful:

“My 87-year-old grandmother’s beauty secret is using beer as a setting lotion. She loves how it makes her hair fuller and shinier. Plus, she takes a few sips while she’s setting her hair, ensuring a good night’s sleep!”

— Hair artist Edwin Fontanez, owner of Cielo salon in Cleveland, OH

 Always Wash Your Face at Night:

“My grandmother always told me to wash your face before going to bed, no matter what. It was great advice to remove dirt and debris from the skin. Also, eye makeup left on overnight can be really irritating, leading to red, bloodshot eyes in the morning.”

— Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC

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