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My experience with product: Dermacol cleansing milk is an outstanding skin product that is equally good for all the skin types. You can use it to remove your make up or for regular cleansing before retiring to bed. Believe me you will be astonished by the results. It will confer you with clean and clear skin free from all the impurities. I am glad that I turn myself to this cleanser as I have never used such a cleanser before.
How to apply: It is very easy to use just rub on the skin and clean it with cotton or a piece of neat cloth.
When to apply: Use it two times a day to have a smooth skin.


My experience with product : Pond white beauty cleansing milk is an exceptional milk to clean dirt from your face. You can use it to effectively remove make up and other impurities. The thing that I liked the most about this milk is that it is best for the removal of eye makeup because the formula is so gentle that it does not cause any irritation on eyes. It keeps your skin hydrated with a mild alluring fragrance. It can be used for all skin types but best for dry skin because of its hydration quality. The only thing you might not like about the product is that to wash away mascara or eyeliner you need to use it in greater quantity.
How to apply:This milk can be applied on neck and face simply by fingertips or by cotton.
When to apply:You can use it twice a day, once in morning and once in night for superlative results.

My experience with product:The top thing that I like about Olivia moisturizing cleansing milk is its price. It does all the tasks that all the expensive cleansing milks do like clearing all impurities and dirt from face yet did’t affect your budget. One thing that amazes me is its dual work; it not only acts as a cleanser but also as a moisturizer. Aloe Vera helps to moist your skin and add glow to it. I highly recommend you to try it because it is a multi-taker, you can’t get all these things in one cleansing milk. Getting a two in one cleanser at such a low price is actually worth it. Without further ado just buy this one!!
How to apply:Apply it on face and neck with gentle message and wash with cotton or tissue afterwards.
When to apply:Use it daily to have a glowing skin.


My experience with product: As the name suggests this cleansing milk deep cleanses gently yet meritoriously. You can use it for the removal of oil, dirt, and make-up and leaves your skin stirringly clean. The important element of this cleanser is cucumber. Cucumber not only soothes your skin but also keep your facial skin soft. The other indifferent ingredient that make me use this product is Sapindus mukorossi also referred as Soapnut . Soapnut penetrates deep into pores and excellently scrubs extra oily secretions, dirt and makeup. It is best for all the skin types. I would give it 6.5 stars out of seven which means I highly recommend you to use it.
How to apply:It is simple in use. Apply it thoroughly on face and neck by gentle message with hands.
When to apply: You just have to apply it in morning and afternoon to have a pure and neat skin.

My experience with product: This cleanser attracts my attention because it is specially design to help you have a fair complexion. It is the best solution if you are facing a problem of dark complexion. Its herbal ingredients Licoric, Kohic Acid and Mulberry work to remove impurities. Furthermore it helps in elimination of dark spots, acne stars and brightening up your skin with fresh whitening complexion. It exfoliates dead skin cells and brings back your young-looking glow and diminishes all signs of aging too. You can use it two times a day. It is a highly recommended product, don’t miss this one.
How to apply:Applying it is very simple. First of all clean your face with moderate water. Rub it on face as well as on neck. Leave it for two minutes and wash it with wet cotton.
When to apply:Use it in morning and then at night for tremendous results.

My experience with product: Nivea is a famous brand and I relay on it for years. Whenever I go for shopping I choose Nivea products without second thought. As far as this Nivea visage refreshing milk is concern I would say it is equally good like all its previous products. In fact after using this milk I literally become a huge fan of Nivea because my experience with it was simply tremendous. It is with Vitamins and Natural Lotus Extracts which make it dual processing milk. Like other milk it removes dirt, makeup, and impurities and also prevents your skin from drying out. The paramount thing about this milk is that it doesn’t cause even a pinch of irritation on eyes making it a gentle product. It doesn’t strip off your skin's moisture.
How to apply:Apply it directly with light strokes by hands. Use a moderate quantity of the cleanser and keep rubbing till it gets dissolve in the skin. Remove it by washing the face with water.
When to apply:Applying it once during the entire day is sufficient for a refreshing complexion.

My experience with product: Olay’s products are getting more popularity in women day by day. When I saw its popularity trend I thought to give it a try. Olay essentials conditioning is the first Olay product that I tried and I can just can’t resist my urge to share it with everyone that’s why I am writing its review. This cleansing milk claims to dissolve away, dirt, make up or other impurities without clogging pores and I am glad to say that it fulfils its claim. Good thing is that it contains the extracts of both aloe and cucumber. Aloe is minerals and vitamin which is way better than anything else for your skin and cucumber. Cucumbers extract due to presence of compounds like B carotene, zea-xanthin and lute act as a rummager against free radicals that lead to ageing and also help to reduce unwanted inflammation.
How to apply:Massage Cleanser onto neck and face by using fingertips. Remove with wet/dry cotton wool, otherwise rinse skin with warm water.
When to apply:Use every morning and evening to have an excellent skin.

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