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Saloni Product Review – Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige

Product Description:

Diana's liquid cream concealer, which offers a precise, professional and easy to modulate application. Thanks to the fluid texture and its exclusive flock applicator. Extremely light on the skin, the high content of pigments guarantees excellent coverage and long lasting matte look. Vegetable actives assures supple & skin. Excellent coverage and extraordinary long lasting matte look.

Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige

Application Tips:

This easy to apply creamy texture can be used on its own, on bare skin for a naturally luminous and even complexion, applied to dark areas on the face (dark circles, fine lines, hollow of the chin, etc.) On top of foundation, to add maximum radiance to makeup. Apply the texture directly with the flock applicator, and then gently pat with fingertips to blend in. Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige

Expert's Experience:

If I were to apply only one beauty product before leaving the house, it would be concealer. My undereyes and my eyelids are so prone to dark shadowy-ness that I swear it looks like I have a penchant for punching myself in the face as part of my morning routine. If I want to run down the street in the morning to grab a coffee, I either need to put on concealer or wear sunglasses, or I fear that small children will run away from me, screaming in terror, convinced that they just saw a real life zombie coming out of their local Starbucks.

As a result of my unrelenting dark circles, concealer and I have a very intimate relationship. I swear that I have tried EVERY concealer and eye brightener that any magazine, beauty blog, or friend has ever recommended. But this one is really great. You bet..

Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige Pros/Cons etc..


  • Instant highlighter
  • Smears effortlessly and balances swiftly


  • Not good application around darker areas

Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige Rating & price:


Rs.675/= Diana Protouch Concealer 05 Golden Beige

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