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Saloni Shares Top Beauty Tips for Women from World’s Best Beauty Experts – Part 4

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Every women adore worthy beauty tips, so Saloni experts have rounded up world’s best beauty experts tips for you in one feature.

Pulling out old claw clip

Kristie Burnett, Blushing Basics

Pulling out old claw clip:

"When my husband and I dressed up like Snooki and Pauly D for Halloween last year, I discovered this cheap trick: After blow-drying hair, pin it up into the Snooki pouf with a claw clip. Apply makeup while your hair cools, and when you're finished, remove the clip. Hello, volume! Who knew the Jersey Shore star could be so inspiring?"

—Kristie Burnett, Blushing Basics

Fashion model  with beauty long straight hair.

Aimee Blaut, The Formula Blog

Perk hair up:

"My hair goes flat fairly quickly, so I am always looking for ways to perk it up. These days, I wash it, add a dime-size dollop of light mousse—that's key!—and put it into one big braid. When I undo the braid midday, I have perfect waves with body and volume."

—Aimee Blaut, The Formula Blog

Dry Shampoo

Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected

Dry Shampoo:

"I sleep with my hair divided into two loose buns, secured with a scrunchie, to keep my strands smooth. For adding volume in the morning, I rely on Osis Dust It—the powder soaks up excess oils and adds lift to roots."

—Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected

Mix up highlights

Allison Kratzer

Mix up highlights:

"A combination of bigger, piecey streaks and thinner, smaller ones makes my hair look more 'back from the beach' than 'back from the salon.'"

—Allison Kratzer

Swap your towel for a tee

Michelle Phan

Swap your towel for a tee:

Rather than using a towel, dry hair with a soft, old, worn-in T-shirt and pat dry. Don't rub! Rubbing hair with a towel leads to breakage."

—Michelle Phan

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