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Saloni Shares Top Beauty Tips for Women from World’s Best Beauty Experts – Part 5

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Every women adore worthy beauty tips, so Saloni experts have rounded up world’s best beauty experts tips for you in one feature.

Wrap your damp strands into a bun

Alyssa Hertzig, The Sparkly Life

Wrap your damp strands into a bun:

"When I don't have the time or cash to go to a salon, I shampoo at night, then run a drop of smoothing cream through my hair. I rough-dry it with a blow-dryer, wrap my damp strands into a bun and go to sleep. When I wake up, the top half is smooth. I just wrap random sections of the lower half around a curling iron for waves."

—Alyssa Hertzig, The Sparkly Life

Keep a hydrating, alcohol-free toner

Janna Mandell, Beauty Binge

Keep a hydrating, alcohol-free toner:

"I keep a hydrating, alcohol-free toner on the table by my couch, where I usually work from, and spritz it on for dewy skin in a flash."

—Janna Mandell, Beauty Binge


Gala Darling, of the eponymous blog


"My best friend is St. Tropez Gradual Tan for the face. I'll use a pea-size drop, focusing on the hollows of my cheeks for a subtle contouring effect and amazing glow."

—Gala Darling, of the eponymous blog

Splash your eyes with cold water

Heart Defensor, Thats Heart

Splash your eyes with cold water:

"I splash my eyes with cold water as soon as I get up—it reduces eye-swelling right away!"

—Heart Defensor, Thats Heart

Swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad to kill bacteria

Kathryn Romeyn

Swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad to kill bacteria:

"If you really must pop a zit, follow with a swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad to kill bacteria, then ice it for 10 minutes. The inflammation and redness will go down much faster."

—Kathryn Romeyn

Face cream usage

Alexis Johnson, Beauty Bender

Face cream usage:

"If a moisturizer you splurged on is too heavy for your face, relegate it to foot duty! Slather it on heels before bed and you'll wake up so soft."

—Alexis Johnson, Beauty Bender

Green is Good

Gala Darling

Green is Good!

"One of the best things I have ever done for my health (and beauty and happiness!) was buy a juicer. I use it all the time and throw in kale, Swiss chard, cucumber, cilantro, parsley, green apple and lemon. Drink your greens, enjoy the glow!"

—Gala Darling

Do an a.m. scrub-down

Aleigh Acerni, Indigo + Canary

Do an a.m. scrub-down:

"Before I shower in the morning, I grab a body brush and gently run it up my legs and torso, down my arms and down my back. Called dry brushing, this technique takes only a minute, but it's invigorating and exfoliating and boosts circulation. I also keep a bottle of body oil in the shower; once the water is off, I rub it over my still-damp arms and legs. I pat dry and I'm good to go—with amazingly smooth skin."

—Aleigh Acerni, Indigo + Canary

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