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Simple Instructions from Health Gurus that will help you Weight Loss in True Manner

Posted by Saloni Editorial Head (Umair Hassan) on

Those men and women who struggle with weight loss efforts, try to adapt these below mentioned tips from some of the top health gurus who iterated with lots of compassion.

Eat Regularly:

"The first thing you want to do is eat regularly. If you're starving, you're not going to make sensible choices."

-Dr. Arya Sharma, director of the Canadian Obesity Network

Keeping a Food Diary:

"The most important thing to start with is a food diary, They aren’t sexy or fun, but before you start a diet, you need to know where you’re at to know what you should change. Keeping a food diary in real time reminds you that you're trying to make healthful choices and change."

-Obesity physician and Diet Fix author Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

Convincing Yourself:

"I will ask someone what are their goals, and how they envision themselves getting there, and what types of things would allow them to make changes, and then how confident they are in making those changes."

-Dr. Matthew Gillman, director of the Obesity Prevention Program at Harvard Medical School

Figuring out whether somebody really wants to lose weight:

"The most important thing you want to figure out is whether somebody really wants to lose weight."

-Cornell professor Dr. Brian Wansink

Weight Gain Causes:

"The first thing you want to address is why you're gaining weight in the first place. It could be genetic. It could be stress, having a chronic illness, a medication you're on."

-Dr. Sharma

Keeping Patience:

"People have gained weight over a period of years. They are not going to turn it around overnight. If you try to do that, you’re more likely to regain." Harvard's

-Dr. Gillman

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