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Skin Problems During and After Pregnancy and Ways to Maintain Skin Beauty during Pregnancy

Posted by health & beauty expert on

Being pregnant is really exciting for women but once you overcome this excitement it could turn into anxiety. The early few weeks of pregnancy and the few weeks after the delivery are very crucial for many females. It is because in pregnancy your skin could suffer a lot. Most of the women have these fears while majority of skin problems during pregnancy are listed below.

Acne Issue

Acne Issue:

Acne is the most common problem which can start right from your early weeks of pregnancy and might last after the delivery as well. This acne is due to the hormonal change so it would be very significant for you to not to use any products which contain benzoyl peroxide, retinoid and salicylic acid as it could be harmful for the skin. You can use natural ingredients like aloe vera gel to keep your skin acne free.



Melasma is another common pregnancy skin problem. This problem is also known as pregnancy mask where the skin gets dark patches or pigmentation issues. Its been revealed that darker women has greater risk of this problem. Vitamin C can be really helpful in this type of issue. It will help you to fight back the pigmentation problem. Fruits like guava, strawberries are very rich in Vitamin C so use these fruits to get more subtle smooth and healthy skin.

Belly Itches

Belly Itches:

Belly Itches are common during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy when the belly starts to stretch, many females report this problem. During stretching, the body becomes dry and loses its moisture and due to this fact, women experience the itching issues. A moisturizer can be very helpful in this regard. It will calm you out and keep your skin moisturized as well.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks:

Stretch Marks are biggest concern for every pregnant woman. This could really ruin their body and can do a serious damage to skin beauty. Green tea would be very helpful in getting rid of this issue. You can start taking one cup of green tea right after the delivery. It will help you to get back your skin beauty.

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