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Smart Tips to Revive Your Old Makeup Items

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Makeup is one of the oldest friends of any women out there. Women use different products which help them to look gorgeous and it also helps to enhance their beauty. However, the prices of cosmetics have been increased due to which it is not possible for one to buy new products every time. But you can use your old make up item in a new way. It is possible as the below mention tips will help you to revive your old makeup items.

Lip Color:

Lip color is one of the most commonly used makeup items. There are varieties of lip colors available in the market but you can make your own color by melting your old lipsticks together. Melt them and then pour it in a small container. Let it cool in the refrigerator and it is ready for use.

Eye Shadow:

If your eyes shadow has been pressed or cracked then you don’t need to buy new one now. You can use a few drops of alcohol in it and you will see the magic. This will help to revive your eye shadow, for sure.

Eye Liner:

You can also turn your old lip pencil into new eye liner. For this you need a candle. Flame the lip pencil for 1 second then let it cool for 15 seconds. It is ready for use and you can use it as eye liner.

Nail Polish:

If you have clear nail polish then you can create your own nail paint. For this you just need to require having sparkly eye shadows. You can mix that eye shadow with clear nail paint thus your own color will be produced.

Body Lotion:

You can make your unscented body lotion smell good by pouring few drops of perfume in it.

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