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Sun Protection for your Hair

Posted by styleandstylee on

In summer we always care for our skins but forget that our hair needs to be protected too from sun. Sun can fade the natural color of your hair and can also make them rough. Sun can make your hair weak because exposure to ultraviolet rays is not good for hair. If you plan to have fun in summers by going on a picnic or on beach then don’t forget to save your hair from sun. You can provide protection to hair in following ways.
Wear hats:

Wearing hat will stop the heat of sun to catch your hair by blocking sun exposure. It will save you scalp from sunburn too though some of your hair may hangout from the cap or hat but those can be saved in other ways too.

Use Ultraviolet Protection Shampoo and Conditioners:

It is good if you regularly use shampoo and conditioner that provide ultraviolet protection, even if you don’t use UV protected shampoos then you must use these before going out in sun.

Make your own hair product:

If you don’t trust commercial products then it is quite easy to make your own SPF solution. Take two spoons of sun protection factor 2 5 sun block and mix it with one cup of water. You can apply this with your hands but best way is to take a spray bottle and pour the solution in that. Use this spray before styling your hair while going out in sun.

After sun lotions:

If you want to be hundred percent protective then you can use after sun lotions for hair too. Apply any good after sun product after coming back from beach or hangouts. I bet that you will be astonished by results!

Clarifying Shampoo:On precaution that you need to take when you are using ultraviolet protection on hair is to apply clarifying shampoo at least once a week. Sun protection factors build up hair shaft whose remedy lies in clarifying.

Moisturizing your hair:Another important thing is to moisture you hair on weekly basis. Deep conditioning helps your scalp to recover from any sun damage. Sun actually take away the hair natural proteins which can be revitalize by moisturizing your hair.

Ban products:

Don’t use any product which contain alcohol, lemon juice, peroxide, and "sun activated hair lightening". Read the ingredients carefully before buying any product. These products can speed the process of sun damage and can also make you hair dry.

Hope you find this article useful! You can buy SPF products for hair from our websitesaloni.pktoo.

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