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The Best Lip Balms (With SPF) to Wear in the Sun

Posted by styleandstylee on

Summer season is a vista of colors as you got to have view of different colors all over in fruits, vegetable as well as in dresses. The bad thing about summer is that you have to take several precautionary measures to guard yourself from sun. Many of us not realize that our lips also need to be protected from sunlight. In summers, due to excess sweating the water amount in our body decreases which causes quest for water and dry our lips too. To save your lips from dryness and sunlight/sunburn you should select a good lip balm with SPF. SPF is actually sun protection factor which ranges from 2 to 60. These numbers speak of the product's ability to screen the sunlight. This is the reason that experts ask to use lip balm that has SPF. You can choose balm from following.

Cotton Oil seed lip balms

Cotton oil seed defend against Ultraviolet rays hence good for lips. Such balms act as softeners.

Hyaluronic Lip balms

Balms with hyaluronic filling are good because they hydrate dryness and reestablish elasticity. This is what every girl wants.

Sugar Lip Balm:

Sugar coral lip balm is one of the best choices. It contains sugar scrub which nourishes your lips and gives a silky touch.

Butter lip balm:

Butter lip balm is also a good choice to protect your pout from dryness. Butter balms mostly contain butter and almond oil which transmute your sore lips to soft.

Grapefruit Balm

If you want your balm to be tasty then go for this one as it contain the citrus of pink grapefruit. Grapefruit balms contain vitamin C and E and help to cover chapped smackers.

Berry Balms:

Berry balms are again good for people who want fragrance and taste in their balms. Such balms are perfect lip healer and have enjoyable scents.

Creamy Lip balms

If you do not want to replace your lipstick or lip gloss with balm then creamy colorless balms are here for your rescue. You can apply creamy balms before your lipsticks.

Hope you will find this article helpful. Good luck and have an awesome and protective summer

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