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The Truth about Beauty Product Dangers

Posted by Makeup Expert on

Pretty Poison or Harmless Cosmetic?

Recently experts have shown researches that tell us that most beauty products are not safe for our skin and body. Beauty products have long list of components and ingredients which are used in these products, cosmetics etc. Though sometimes these awareness headlines are often based on hype, but still if we go deep and get to know the real truth behind, surely it will motivate us to go for the alternatives to diminish the destructions using chemical beauty products.

Concern: Keratin Straighteners:

Keratin hair treatments usually promise to deliver silky, smooth hair but these treatments have a healthy part based on chemicals. However, the companies providing these treatments do not advertise of high concentrations chemicals in most treatments. Formaldehyde is one of such chemicals in these keratin straighteners that can cause cancer as well.

Option: Conditioner and Flat Iron: 

A good conditioner is better for hair. Not only it will help fight frizz by counterbalancing the impact of electrical energy. On the other hand, for straightening hair in a more effective way, a flat iron can do best for you. It will kinks out curly hair naturally while with safe hair products, you can tame a frizzy look.

Concern: Permanent Hair Dye: 

Using permanent hair dye could be a great risk. Though conflicting studies are available, but still many researchers believe that permanent hair dyes cause cancer.

Option: Plant-Based Hair Dyes: 

Plant-based hair dyes such as henna and vegetable dyes have rather less effect but since these dyes have no harsh chemicals, you can sure about your physical condition. Using plant based dyes have drawbacks too but still these dyes are worth to use in comparison to permanent hair dyes.

Concern: Crazy Contacts: 

Contact lenses with crazy bright colors can cause real problems. These contact lenses need proper care and if something goes wrong, you can suffer from any eye injury or any major eye infection that can lead to vision loss.

Option: Rx Colored Lenses:

Asking a licensed eye professional about colored lenses is a good idea. He might suggest you a proper eye checkup before recommending any colored lens. And always try to follow your doctor's instructions to avoid harming your eyes.

Concern: Prescription Eyelash Serum: 

Asking your doctor for any type of prescription drug which give you long, flirty eyelashes is a good idea. This drug has also side effects. After using for a long period, you could experience skin darkness around your eyes.

Option: Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash extensions can help you get long-lashed looks. But be careful that this types of extensions can irritate the eyelids badly. That might cause an allergic reaction that linked to serious injury, including blindness.

Concern: Hydroquinone: 

Hydroquinone is a famous skin lightener. Doctors prescribe this drug for reducing age spots or dark patches on skin. One major flaw of this drug is that it can cause skin discoloration.

Option: Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Laser skin resurfacing treatments are to remove the top layer of skin. With laser skin resurfacing, age spots can be removed dramatically. This procedure is done with extreme precision by expert dermatologist.

Concern: Tanning Beds: 

Tanning beds are no good for skin. Consistent use of tanning beds can cause melanoma and skin cancer while since tanning beds mainly emit UVA rays, you may experience wrinkles and brown spots on skin.

Option: Sunless Tanning Products: 

Sunless tanning lotions can be used as it creates a temporary tan. DHA is the main substance in tanning products that largely helps people to get a fake tan just for inner satisfaction. DHA is also a FDA-approved chemical.

Concern: Nail Salon Hazards:

Manicure products have large range of chemicals. Manicure products formaldehyde, phthalates, acetone, or toluene chemicals which are not good for skin at all. These chemical may irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and respiratory tract.

Option: Minimize Risks:

Cleanliness is one of the major things to observe in any salon. You can certainly minimize the risks by checking and inspecting the salon's cleanliness. Beauty expert also recommends that don't shave your legs before a pedicure and also see that whether any salon is obeying laws for cleanliness or not.

Concern: Phthalates:

Phthalates are known chemicals. These chemicals are used to make certain products extra supple. The usage of these chemicals is also found in beauty products such as nail polish, shampoo, and soap. Some studies show that this chemical’s exposure especially during pregnancy could lead to irregular changes in male infants. But many also reject this research and do not think as phthalates pose any health risk.

Option: Phthalate-Free Products:

You can also use phthalate-free products to avoid any possible dangers of irregular changes in male infants during pregnancy. Look for the ingredients for the term phthalate, dibutylphthalate, dimethylphthalate, diethylphthalate, butyl ester, or plasticizer products which could reduce your overall exposure.

Concern: Parabens:

Parabens is also known as a preservative cosmetics. Many cosmetics like moisturizers and hair care products have high density of parabens. Many researchers say that actual parabens and its components have found in breast tumors. On the other hand, many experts still believe that its not a possibility that the amount of parabens in cosmetics could lead to cancer.

Option: Paraben-Free Cosmetics: 

It is important that if you are worried about parabens, you can use parabens free cosmetics and enjoy your mental satisfaction. You can also use cosmetics brands which use vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) as preservatives.

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