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Top Beautician Tells Tricks to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night – Saloni Makeup Corner

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

Tricks to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night:

Follow these modest makeup devices from Marianne Meissner and effectively restore your makeup from day to night. Marianne Meissner is well considered as one of the top beauticians in the field due to her innovative modern makeup techniques. She is also the owner of Long Beach, California-based Beautifully You.

Foundation Touchup:

“The biggest mistake most women make when bumping their day look into a night look is just applying product on the same makeup they’ve been wearing all day, After a long day, most foundation and powder will start to separate or run. Then take a powder brush and buff your skin in a light circular motion to even out any issues you might have. This will smooth out your foundation and moisten it enough to add extra product without making it look cakey.”

-Marianne Meissner

Redo Blush:

“I recommend keeping your favorite blush in your makeup bag. It doesn’t have to be the same color as the daytime blush, but a nice rose color works with almost all skin tones.”

-Marianne Meissner

Layer Shadows:

“As they blend easier than the shimmer shadows and add depth better. Layering on too many shades of shimmer eyeshadow can make your eye look too messy, whereas matte shadows blend together flawlessly.”

-Marianne Meissner

Stack on Lashes:

“If you’re already wearing false eyelashes for your daytime look and you want to go for more drama, you can either add more mascara to your own natural lashes or you can take a second pair of lashes and apply them on top of the lashes already on your eye, This look is called ‘stacking,’ and is definitely for the more adventurous or makeup-savvy.”

-Marianne Meissner

Pile on the Lipstick

“The best kind of lipstick for an evening look, in my opinion, are matte lipsticks as they won’t budge as easily as their glossy or shimmering colleagues.”

-Marianne Meissner

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