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Top Beauty Experts Define 1 Minute Makeovers for Young Girls – Saloni Special – Part 1

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

1 Minute Makeovers Tips:

A good makeover always boost your personality in a unique customary style. According to top international beauty experts, sometimes simple makeover tricks can make all the difference providing you more appropriate and desired looks.

Lining the Inner Rim of the Eye:

“Lining the inner rim of the eye is a great way to add a little bit of what I like to call ‘instant fierceness’! Just make sure to use an eye liner that is waterproof and safe for the inner rim.”

-Makeup Artist Mally Roncal

Giving Skin Dewy Glow:

“I always apply foundation to my skin with my hands, as if it is a moisturizer — it allows me to really press it into my skin without looking streaky or spotty.”

-Makeup artist Nico Guilis

Adding False Lashes:

“It’s my favorite trick. You can’t see that you have makeup on, but boy does it make those eyes wide.”

-Mark makeup artist Jamie Greenberg

Topped with a Concealer:

“When topped with a concealer the same color as the skin tone, the area will look bright and flawless.”

-Makeup artist Katey Denno

Using Small Angled Brush and Cream Eye Liner:

“Using a small angled brush and cream eye liner, I painted little lashes in between her real lower lashes to create that false lash effect.”

-Jake Bailey, Emmy Rossum’s makeup artist

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