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Tricky Makeups Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

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Beautiful sparkling eyes enhance your inner beauty and provide maximum self-confidence. However, regrettably, nature does not persistently conjoin and help leaving us with eyes that dropdiminutive of our ideal looks. On the other hand, some useful methods now could aidto make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more beautiful than over.

These tricks and techniques involve the right selection of colorful eyeliners, right shade of concealers and of course the correct selection of mascara etc. Just follow our mainstream and worldwide renowned makeup experts’ these below super-duper tricky tips and see how easy is to get longer, bigger and brighter eyes.

Getting a Charming Start

"To me, tools and products are equally as important as the makeup skills that you have,"Rebecca Prior, who is National Educator at Napoleon Perdis' Makeup Academy in Hollywood, says, "Do what the professionals do: Use the proper brushes for application."

Along with using proper makeup tools, getting a charming start from very beginning also refers that use eye masks which basically calms eyes from inside giving you a soothing sensation as every time you apply eye makeup.

"What also works wonders is anything cold," says makeup artist Susie Sobel. "Even a bag of ice."

Concealer Can Work Double

Even out the dark circles with a good concealer. According to experts, dark circles could make eyes look smaller. Using concealer formula provides an easy blend finish with huge coverage. The concealer also brightens the entire eye zone and lureresponsiveness to shadier lashes.

Using the Right Light Bronzer

Want some more oomph, sweep a graceful bronzer through the fold of the eye. "As you age, the eye area loses elasticity, and things aren't as shapely as they used to be," says Prior, the National Educator of the Napoleon Perdis' Makeup Academy, Hollywood, "This technique is great for mature skin, to give the face more definition."

Applying a Black Pencil to your Upper Inner Rim

Applying a black pencil to your upper inner rim would certainly put you in a driving seat providing a more beautiful and convincing appearance. Basically, "It lengthens the eye and it also sharpens the appearance of the eye, giving more fullness to the natural lashline without seeing the hard edge of a liner," says Prior.

Curling Up

An eyelash curler would do this job pretty well. Spend some time to curl your lashes. It can instantly make your eyes seembroader and furtherexposed. "If someone's lashes are straight, they can cast a shadow on the eye area," says makeup artist Susie Sobel. "So I'll always curl them no matter what."

Drawing a Tight Line 

To boost your lashes, smear a splendidthin strip of black liquid liner lengthwaysat the base of your upper lashes and feel the difference yourself. "And I always like to do a tiny flick at the end just to pull the eye out a bit," says Sobel.

Considering Color

Choosing right colors to enhance and boost appearance of the eyes could be tricky sometimes. But experts like Prior, guides you as she explains in detail, "It doesn't have to be a blazing sun color -- it just has to have orangey undertones like gold, apricot, or peach, but the most standout colors are blue and purple."For example brown eyes, makeup experts’ say that brown is a neutral color and any color will work fine.

Bottom Edges

Sketchingflawlessly seductive almond-shape eyes, try doing, "from the center of the lash line out, and make it a little thicker on the outer corners," says Sobel. "If it's too thick in the middle, you'll get round, panda eyes, which doesn't help give you a nice, wide shape that's lifted at the edges.”

Lash-line in One Motion

Try not to draw your liner all the way crossways your lashline in one wave. "You'll get bumps in your line with your brush catching on loose skin," says Prior. "Napoleon Perdis always starts with eyeliner on the lower lashline, because it goes up at the outer corner, which gives you the angle that you should follow on your top lashline, usually when you do your top liner first you end up in no-man's-land, because you don't know how far to take the line or how curved it should be."

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