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Which Blush Color will Suit Best on Your Skin Tone?

Posted by Saloni Editorial on

When girls do makeup, the most common issue they have to face is selection of the blush color. They are unable to decide what type of blush color will suit best on their particular skin tone. While, blush-on is one of the most essential part of your makeup as this will warm up your complexion and make you look beautiful. Skin tone is basically divided into three basic types and the blush color will suit your skin tone are mention below according to these basic skin types.

For Fair Skin Tone:

One of the common blush colors which will suit your skin tone best is baby pink. Baby pink will make you look natural and attractive. Peach is another color that will make you look fantastic. Sheer plum will make you skin look more radiant and dramatic. For fairer skin tone, these three blush shades will work best.

For Medium Skin Tone:

If your skin tone is medium then you should try apricot color. This will make your skin look fresh, warm and soft. Mauve color can also be a good choice for medium skin tone as this will make the skin more rich. Soft berry is another descent option for this type of skin. It will make skin look natural and vibrant.

For Dark Skin Tone:

For dark skin tone, brick color would be very appropriate. This will make skin look warm and ashy. You can also use bright tangerine color as its very subtle and pretty for dark complexion.

For Olive Skin Tone:

Orangey peach color is very suitable for such skin complexion and this color will make the skin look more radiant and glowing. Rose color can also be worth considering for olive skin tone. While, you can also go for bronze color as well.

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