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Get Relieve From - Diarrhea and Vomiting

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  • Haque Planters Bishops Weed Oil 30 ML lowest price in pakistan on
    Rs.235.00 Rs.188.00

    اجوائن کا تیل (مقدار خوراک: ایک سے پانچ قطرے تک) کالی کھانسی، نزلہ، زکام، بلغم، پچیس، بد ہضمی، گیس میں آرام کے لئے نیم گرم پانی میں ملا کر پیتے ہیں۔ گھٹیا، اعصابی دردوں وغیرہ میں مالش کرتے ہیں۔ آدھ سر کے درد میں ابلتے ہوئے...

  • Marhaba Arq Podina (Mint Water) 800 ML

    MARHABA ARQ PODINA (Mint Water) is antiemetic. It is useful in cholera. It improves digestion. Indications: Acts as an antiemetic agent imparts stomachic, digestive Useful in cholera  Acts as antidote for...

  • Marhaba Arq Shirin (Herbal Gripe Water)

    MARHABA ARQ SHIRIN (Herbal Gripe Water) is a compound mixture of herbal distillates. It is good for children’s digestive system. It relieves in colic pain and diarrhoea. Indications: For infants and...

  • Marhaba Arq-e-Chaurqa (Strengthens The Digestive System)

    Chuarqa is a combination of four distillates of four herbs. It is good for flatulence and colic pain. Indications: Effective in flatulence, colic and abdominal pains. Strengthens the stomach & intestine, checks...

  • Marhaba Ispaghol Husk

    Marhaba Ispaghol Husk, which is obtained from Plantago ovata is a harmless product of vegetable origin and a natural source of non-starch highly soluble carbohydrate fiber. It is strongly recommended and particularly...

  •  Marhaba Ispaghol Husk (Jar)

    Marhaba Ispaghol Husk Jar, which is obtained from Plantago ovata is a harmless product of vegetable origin and a natural source of non-starch highly soluble carbohydrate fiber. It is strongly recommended and...

  • Marhaba Itrifal Kashneezi

    Cures diseases associated with cold, like headache , conjunctivitis and ear pain. Strengthens brain, stomach beneficial in piles. Eradicates flatus and excessive body heat. Useful in vertigo and...

  • Marhaba Janam Ghutti

    Marhaba ghutti is a refined form of the age old prescription. It is thick viscous palatable syrup for children’s delicate digestive tract. Natural remedy Effective in griping Effective in diarrhoea Digestive...

  •  Marhaba Jawarish Mastagi Sada(100 Grams)

    Jawarish Mastagi contains Mastagi Roomi. It is tonic for digestive system.Relieves diarrhoea due to liver and intestinal eakness .Stomachic .Intestinal and liver tonic.Eliminates enuresis. Digestive system Intestinal...

  • Marhaba Jawarish Amla Sada (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Amla Sada contains Amla. It improves digestive system. It is equally useful in diarrhoea. Useful in dysentery and diarrhoea.Stomachic appetizing Cerebral and cardiac tonic.Anti-tachycardia .Alterative...

  • Marhaba Jawarish Shahi Sada (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Shahi is a general tonic as well as food supplement.Cerebral, cardiac and stomach tonic. Tranquillizer, particularly in tachycardia.Useful in bilious diarrhoea. Stomach tonic Useful in bilious diarrhoea...

  • Qarshi Arq Shirin Natural Grip Water
    Rs.90.00 Rs.80.00

    Indications:  Abdominal Cramps, Diarrhea, Flatulence, Griping, Teething Pain, Vomiting. An effetive herbal remedy for digestive system of children. The indigenous physicians had been feeling the need for a...

  • Qarshi Ghutti
    Rs.80.00 Rs.70.00

    It is mild laxative for infants, relieves constipation, effective in diarrhoea, dysentry and gripping.The use of Ghutti for the new born babies has been vogue since a long time. Ghutti helps the baby to discharge the waste...

  • Qarshi Sada Bahar Baby Tonic 120 Ml
    Rs.100.00 Rs.90.00

    Effective in diarrhoea Strengthens the bones by providing calcium Strengthening digestive system  Indication: Effective in diarrhoea, indigestion and constipation. Strengthens the bones by providing calcium...

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