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Get Relieve From - Digestion / Immunity

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  • Ajmal Ajmali 20 Tablets buy online in pakistan herbal supplements hakim ajmal

    Strengthens Stomach Regulates Liver Gives Relief from Stomach Pain  Increases Appetite Dosage: 1-2 tablets after meal twice a day

  • Dabur Hazzmaza Pudina Jar. Lowest price on

    Haz Mazza Pudina is a tasty digestive tablet that aids digestion, especially after a heavy meal. Pudina is packed with antioxidants and phytonurients that can work wonders for your stomach. The menthol present in...

  • GNC L-Glutathione 250mg (60 Capsules) buy online product in pakistan
    Rs.5,250.00 Rs.4,725.00

    جی این سی ایل گلٹاتھئون (60 کیپسولز) جی این سی ایل گلٹاتھئون ایک بہترین غذائی مرکب ہے جو آپ کے مدفعاتی نظام کو نا صرف بہتر کرتا ہے بلکہ اِسے بہت سی بیماریوں سےلڑنے میں بھی مدد دیتا ہے۔ اِس مرکب میں مصنوعی اجزاء بالکل بھی...

  • GNC Natural Brand Papaya Enzyme Chewable Tablets (Front)

    جی این سی نیچرل برانڈ پپایا اینزائم 240 چیوایبل ٹیبلٹسجی این سی نیچرل برانڈ پپایا اینزائم چیوایبل ٹیبلٹس آپ کے ہاضمے کے لیے بہترین ہیں۔ ان گولیوں میں موجود بہترین اجزاء کی موجودگی آپ کے نظام انہضام کے لیے نہایت مفید سمجھے...

  • Hamdard Ispaghol Husk

    Hamdard is a renowned local brand manufacturing large number of products ranging from health, skin, body and dietary. Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan is the official company name. Pure and clean, well preserved in...

  • Hamdard Neo Carmina 75 Tablets

    Hamdard is a renowned local brand manufacturing large number of products ranging from health, skin, body and dietary. Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan is the official company name. Hyper-acidity Anorexia Burning...

  • Hrebal Neem Oil 60ml buy online in pakistan

    It has local and systemic effects. Boosts your immunity and gets rid of dandruff and hair lice.The oil is cold pressed from the Neem tree. Neem oil has been used medicinally and cosmetically for hundred of years and it is...

  • Lasani Arq-E-Mahzal Herbal Product buy online in Pakistan

    Type a description for this product here...

  • Marhaba Majun Dabidul Ward (100 Grams)

    Useful in stomach debility.Useful in liver debility.Useful in dropsy.It resolves inflammations Resolves inflammations Stomach debilit liver debility Useful in dropsy Dosage: 5 gm (1/2 Teaspoon) with (fennel...

  • Marhaba Arq Mako (Alternative Diuretic And Resolvent of Inflammations

    Arq Mako (Black Night Shade Water) is a distillate of Solanum Nigram. It is pure and effective for stomach, liver and spleen. It is diuretic and good for inflamed organs. Indications: Resolves Inflammations of...

  • Marhaba Arq Podina (Mint Water) 800 ML

    MARHABA ARQ PODINA (Mint Water) is antiemetic. It is useful in cholera. It improves digestion. Indications: Acts as an antiemetic agent imparts stomachic, digestive Useful in cholera  Acts as antidote for...

  • Marhaba Arq Saunf (Fennel Water)

    MARHABA ARQ SAUNF (Fennel Water) is distilled from fennel. It is pure distillate containing essential oils having good aroma and taste. It is for digestive system, kidney and urinary bladder. Indications: Useful in...

  • Marhaba Arq Shirin (Herbal Gripe Water)

    MARHABA ARQ SHIRIN (Herbal Gripe Water) is a compound mixture of herbal distillates. It is good for children’s digestive system. It relieves in colic pain and diarrhoea. Indications: For infants and...

  • Marhaba Arq-e-Chaurqa (Strengthens The Digestive System)

    Chuarqa is a combination of four distillates of four herbs. It is good for flatulence and colic pain. Indications: Effective in flatulence, colic and abdominal pains. Strengthens the stomach & intestine, checks...

  • Marhaba Arq-e-Mehzal (Reduce Unwanted Fat)

    Arq-e-Mehzal is herbal preparation for eliminating unwanted fat and controlling the excessive weight gains. This arq is digestive pyretic laxative and carminative its regular use keeps you active and smart. Action: One...

  • Marhaba Gasnil Hazam Sab Khaian Sub (Tablets)

    Gasnil tablet is a Natural Phytoceutical (derived form natural plants). It is a product with pleasant taste and odour. It has dark brown colour and it is safe for use. Natural herbal ingredients Control...

  • Marhaba Gasnil Syrup 120 ML

    Gasnil syrup is a Natural Phytoceutical (derived from natural plants). It is a product with a pleasant taste and odour. It has dark brown colour and is safe for use. Helpful in correcting spasmodic...

  •  Marhaba Honehar Gripe Water (120 ml)

    Herbal Gripe Water is a slightly pale straw liquid. It is especially made for infants and children. It contains distillates of natural herbs which relieves stomach pain & soothes digestive system. It used...

  • Marhaba Ispaghol Husk

    Marhaba Ispaghol Husk, which is obtained from Plantago ovata is a harmless product of vegetable origin and a natural source of non-starch highly soluble carbohydrate fiber. It is strongly recommended and particularly...

  •  Marhaba Ispaghol Husk (Jar)

    Marhaba Ispaghol Husk Jar, which is obtained from Plantago ovata is a harmless product of vegetable origin and a natural source of non-starch highly soluble carbohydrate fiber. It is strongly recommended and...

  • Marhaba Itrifal Kashneezi

    Cures diseases associated with cold, like headache , conjunctivitis and ear pain. Strengthens brain, stomach beneficial in piles. Eradicates flatus and excessive body heat. Useful in vertigo and...

  • Marhaba Janam Ghutti

    Marhaba ghutti is a refined form of the age old prescription. It is thick viscous palatable syrup for children’s delicate digestive tract. Natural remedy Effective in griping Effective in diarrhoea Digestive...

  •  Marhaba Jawarish Mastagi Sada(100 Grams)

    Jawarish Mastagi contains Mastagi Roomi. It is tonic for digestive system.Relieves diarrhoea due to liver and intestinal eakness .Stomachic .Intestinal and liver tonic.Eliminates enuresis. Digestive system Intestinal...

  • Marhaba Jawarish Amla Sada (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Amla Sada contains Amla. It improves digestive system. It is equally useful in diarrhoea. Useful in dysentery and diarrhoea.Stomachic appetizing Cerebral and cardiac tonic.Anti-tachycardia .Alterative...

  • Marhaba Jawarish Anarain Sada (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Anarain controls naurea and vomiting. It is a good appetizer and strengthens stomach. Antiemetic and anti-phlegmatic.Relieves bilious diarrhoea and dysentery. Refrigerant and appetizing...

  • Marhaba Jawarish jalinoss (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Jalinoos is an herbal preparation. It is good for digestive system and promotes.Promotes digestion.Prevents polyuria and foul smell from mouth.Useful in piles and catarrhal coughs.Lithontriptic.With...

  • Marhaba Jawarish kamuni (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Kamuni is a herbal preparation. It promotes digestion. It acts as carminative and relieves colic pain.Stomachic and digestive.Anti-dyspeptic.Carminative, aperients.Stops hiccups.Relieves pains associated with...

  • Marhaba Jawarish Shahi Sada (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Shahi is a general tonic as well as food supplement.Cerebral, cardiac and stomach tonic. Tranquillizer, particularly in tachycardia.Useful in bilious diarrhoea. Stomach tonic Useful in bilious diarrhoea...

  • Marhaba Jawarish Zarooni Sada (100 Grams)

    Jawarish Zarooni is a good tonic for body. It regulates urinary bladder working and checks excessive urination.Cerebral, liver, stomach, urinary bladder and kidney tonic.Digestive and anti-dyspeptic.Relieves flaccidity and...

  • Marhaba Majun Suranjan (100 Grams)

    Useful in rheumatism.Useful in gout and sciatica.It is diuretic and activates liver.It acts as an antacid and neutralizes acidity. Useful in Rheumatism Activates Liver Gout and Sciatica. Neutralizes...

  • Marhaba Pediacol Drops Front

    Indications: Pedicol is indicated in the treatment of colic,, gas and pain caused by irritating food,,,,, feeding to quickly,,, swallowing aiir and simillar conditions during teething, colds other minor upset periods in...

  • Marhaba Safoof Hazam (50 Grams)

    Marhaba Safoof Hazam is a good appetizer. It improves digestion. It controls belching and indigestion Good appetizer Controls belching  Improves digestion Controls indigestion Indications: Useful in...

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